2011 Christmas Banquet

Paul Woodring (far left at podium) installs the officers for 2012. They are (left to right) J. Gary Dillon (vice president), Tim Krogg (secretary), Marty Surdyk (Bulletin editor), Craig Sanders (president) and Ed Ribinskas (treasurer)

A small, but dedicated, cadre of Akron Railroad Club members attended the club’s annual Christmas banquet, held on Dec. 3, 2011, at the Martin Center of the University of Akron.

The attendees were treated to a program on steam locomotives in Poland presented by club  member Peter Bowler. He operated steam locomotives on the Polish National Railways in July. Peter also showed images taken in Berlin, including several images of trains at railways terminals in that city. He closed out his program with a preview of a project he is working on to photograph the many railroad stations in Paris.

The officers for 2012 were installed by member Paul Woodring, who has performed this chore for the past several years.

Photographs by Richard Jacobs and Craig Sanders

Peter Bowler tells about what it was like to work for a week on a Polish steam railway line.

Peter illustrated his program with numerous digital images that he took during his travels.

Peter and Denise Bowler

Bill Kubas (left) and Richard Jacobs finish their desserts.

Before and after dinner there was time for conversation and friendship.

Ron McElrath (left) and Bob Redmond listen to some tales of the rails as Bob McCallum folds his napkin.

Mr. and Mrs. John Beach.

Alex Bruchac (left) has also operated steam locomotives in Poland. At right is John Beach.

J. Gary Dillon (left) and Paul Woodring.

Tim Krogg (left) and Marty Surdyk.

Ed Ribinksas (left) and Peter Bowler.

One Response to “2011 Christmas Banquet”

  1. jake Says:

    A very enjoyable evening with fellow members, family and friends of the Akron RR Club. There was plenty of good food and comadarie. Peter’s program was excellant with many great photo images.

    Thanks to the ARRC officers for a year well done. Looking forward to 2012.

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