What Would We Do Without Marty?

At the August Akron Railroad Club meeting, Bulletin editor Marty Surdyk received a well-deserved round of applause in appreciation of his work in getting the newsletter out on time as well as for his serving as grillmaster at the July picnic. That got ARRC President Craig Sanders to thinking about just what Marty means to the club.

His conclusion is that Marty is the most important club member because of the various roles that he performs, many of which have been taken for granted for years. Without Marty there probably wouldn’t be a picnic and there might not continue to be a Bulletin, either.

To be successful, every organization needs a guy like Marty, who does many things, many of which occur behind the scenes. Replacing what Marty does for the ARRC would not be easy.

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One Response to “What Would We Do Without Marty?”

  1. Richard Thompson Says:

    What would we do without Marty? Not have to suffer through his lame jokes!!

    Just kidding, Marty’s a nice guy. I enjoy his newsletters, and working with him on various articles. Hopefully he’ll keep up the great work!

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