Amtrak Superdome Makes Brief Appearance

Akron Railroad Club member Jeff Troutman reported that Amtrak Superdome car No. 10031 was on the rear of Wednesday’s (Sept. 23, 2009)  eastbound Lake Shore Limited as it cruised through Northeast Ohio en route to New York and Boston.

No. 10031 was to be dropped off at Albany-Rensselaer where it will be running the Adirondack for six weeks this fall. The car, which is the only dome car left on the Amtrak roster, will be assigned to the Adirondack between Albany and Montreal between October 1 and November 10.

Orginally built for service on the pre-Amtrak Empire Builder, No. 10031 is normally based on the West Coast and used in charter service. It seldom operates east of the Rocky Mountains, Amtrak said in a news release.

The car left Los Angeles on September 19 on the Southwest Chief for Chicago.

Jeff also reported that two private cars were on the rear of Thursday’s eastbound Lake Shore Limited. They were a former California Zephyr car and a round-ended observation car that carried a “The Chief” drumhead.

Last month ARRC members spotted former Frisco sleeper Cimarron River on the rear of No. 48 near North East, Pennsylvania, during the overnight outing there.

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