Jerry Jacobson Buys Museum’s Rolling Stock

Jerry Jacobson already owns a sizable fleet of steam locomotives and passenger cars, but his holding got larger this week when he bought much of the assets of the Steam Railroad Museum of Minerva.

During an auction held Thursday afternoon (October 14, 2009), Jacobson, a lifetime member of the Akron Railroad Club,  purchased two diesel locomotives, two passenger cars, a baggage car and a caboose.

“I will probably spend about $80,000 here,” Jacobson told the Canton Repository during the auction, which was conducted by Kiko Auctioneers & Realtors.

Jacobson plans to move the locomotives to a roundhouse that he is building near Sugrcreek. “They are still quite efficient even though they are old,” Jacobson said. “They will go south of Sugarcreek. We are building a roundhouse there and a museum. I bought those for $27,000 apiece. That is a great deal. They will be around for a long time to come.”

In addition to rolling stock, the museum also auctioned maintenance equipment and train memorabilia.

“I have never sold a locomotive in my lifetime,” the auctioneer for Kiko told the Repository. “I will probably never sell another one.”

The Steam Railroad Museum decided to sell its assets because the cost of operating the museum had become too prohibitive.

“You hate to see it go,” said Emerson Roth, who had been president of the Steam Railroad Museum. “I had 22 years invested in this. We have been down here 12 (years).” Roth declined to say how much money will be brought in by the sale. “That is between us and the (state) attorney general’s office,” he said.

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3 Responses to “Jerry Jacobson Buys Museum’s Rolling Stock”

  1. John Surdyk Says:

    Jerry is the man with ALL the money.

  2. John Taubeneck Says:

    What happend to the steam crane that was at Minerva? Did someone buy and move it or was it scrapped on site?

  3. Chris Querin Says:

    Road the Weber Scenic Railroad today in Weber, Utah and sat in the City of Minerva Pullman car. Needs a paint job and some TLC but good to see the old car had found a new home after finding old blogs about the demise of Minerva Scenic

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