ARRC Members Present Conrail Memories

Conrail 4

Conrail is largely a memory now, but it provided many enjoyable moments during its 23-year history. A Conrail manifest freight is shown on the Fort Wayne Line east of Canton. (Photograph by Marty Surdyk)

Approximately 40 Akron Railroad Club members watched eight programs devoted to remember Conrail during the annual members’ night event on Saturday (November 14).

The presenters were Marty Surdyk, Roger Durfee, Craig Sanders, Richard Antibus, Richard Jacobs, Todd Dillon, Dave Mangold and the team of Richard Thompson and John Puda. The latter two members, both of whom were born well after Conrail was formed in 1976, presented the only digital program of the evening, showing Conrail locomotives and rolling stock in various places now owned by Norfolk Southern and CSX.

The other programs were slide shows that covered Conrail from its beginnings to its final day of opreation on May 31, 1999. Although most of the images shown were recorded in Ohio, most notably Berea, the programs also showed Conrail along the Northeast Corridor, Pennsylvania and northwest Indiana. A handful of images presented were taken in Illinois.

Two of the presenters, Durfee and Mangold, began their railroad careers with Conrail.

During an intermission, ARRC members honored member Clint Ensworth, who celebrated his 87th birthday on Saturday. The members serenaded Ensworth with a rendention of Happy Birthday and presented him with a card and a cake.

Those attending also put away 15 pizzas and munched on potato chips and other snacks while enjoying the programs.

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