And You Thoughts NS was Just Black & White

NS caboose 24040 basks in the early morning sun outside the car shops at Motor Yard in Macedonia on April 10, 2010. (Photographs by Roger Durfee)

If you thought you saw a touch of color on a Norfolk Southern local in Cleveland, you were not seeing things.

NS shop forces recently renovated a caboose used by locals based out of Motor Yard in Macedonia. In the process, the caboose received a coat of shiny red pain.

Formerly Conrail 24040, the caboose was built by Penn Central in Altoona in April 1969. That makes this caboose 41 years old. A class N10 car on Conrail, the caboose was repaired over the winter in the NS Macedonia Shop as time allowed.

The most visible improvement is of course that new paint job that covered a faded and tagged Conrail blue. To keep things simple paperwork wise for the UMLER the CR 24040 number was retained.

Internal fixes include a new floor, interior paint, and the heater was cleaned out. It is sub-lettered for the Dearborn Division/Cleveland, and can usually be found on job BF12 out of Motor yard in Macedonia.

Roger Durfee

Before getting its new look, this is what caboose 24040 looked like in its faded Conrail livery.


NS 24040 brings up the rear of BF12 at it waits at Wheelock in Motor Yard in Macedonia to get out onto the mainline and go to work on April 15, 2010.

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