Jacobs Photo Published in Railpace

The eastbound Orrville Railroad Heritage Society "Museum Flyer" behind Wheeling & Lake Erie No. 102 and ORHS No. 471 arrives at Monroeville to load passengers for the return trip to Orrville on May 8, 2010.

Akron Railroad Club Richard Jacobs had a photography published in the July 2010 issue of Railpace magazine of an Orrville Railroad Heritage Society excursion train. The photo, which was published on Page 21 in the Lake Shore News section, shows the Museum Flyer excursion train at Monroeville.

The Flyer operated from Orrville to Monroeville with passengers then taken by bus to Bellevue to visit the Mad River & Nickel Plate Road Museum.

Railpace is a  monthly magazine is devoted to news and features of railroads in the northeastern United States.

On a related note, Jacobs also had an article that he wrote published in The Headlight, the newsletter of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway. That article, published in the June issue, a shippers special that the then fledgling W&LE operated in October 1990. The W&LE was less than six months old after been spun off by Norfolk Southern and wanted to showcase the re-opening of the Cleveland line of the railroad that NS had allowed to lie dormant for years.  The Wheeling borrows a steam locomotive from Jerry Jacobson and hauled the passengers in style.

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