Unusual Shipment to LTEX

The Georgia Southwestern F9s have just been set off a CSX manifest train at Lordstown. Next stop is Larry’s Truck and Electric.

Larry’s Truck and Electric is a well known Northeast Ohio locomotive dealer/scrapper that  receives a lot of unusual motive power from a wide variety of carriers. Old EMD’s and switchers make up the bulk of what goes into the LTEX facility.

But every once in a while something a little out of the ordinary shows up. That was the case when word got out that two former Georgia Southwestern FP9s were making their way to Larry’s.

They had arrived in Willard on CSX from the south and had been set off there for a couple of days. Even though the weather wasn’t very good, I decided to venture to Willard to see them. As I was gassing up the Jeep on Sunday morning (February 9, 2011) to head west, the phone rang. It was Tom in Willard, and he gave me the information that the two F’s were already heading east on a Q368.

They were trailing behind several other units, I decided to stay in Akron and catch them when they passed through. As luck would have it, right when the Q368 was coming around the corner, so was a westbound and my photo of the Fs wasn’t to be had.

With nothing else going on, I decided to give chase in hopes the Q368 would set these off at LTEX. As the train was rolling right along, I headed straight for LTEX to wait and see.

While there I took some shots off the bridge of the always changing mass of units at LTEX, and noticed a set of CSX power over on the CSX/LTEX transfer track. I drove over to find that a road mate set had “walked off” on the iced-up crossing and put the lead truck on the ground.

Q137 was coming west, so back up on the bridge I went to catch him passing the old CPL signal with the derailed units in the background. Radio chatter was indicating that Q368 would set “those old engines” off at Lordstown.

Trouble was, Lordstown was west of me a good bit, so off I went. I got there just as the road power had cut away from the Fs, but they were now buried between two tracks of mulilevels.

At that point I was ready to throw in the towel and head home, but after turning around I saw the Fs were now gone. The yard job had come up, tied on, and taken them to the engine track near the yard office where they now sat wide open.

With permission given to take a few photos I did just that and really found it interesting how the snow had gathered on the nose of the 6308 and how the crew had used the wipers to clean the windows for the backup move.

Those FP9s looked good on the outside, so let’s hope they find a new owner after their visit to LTEX. I vote that CSX picks them up and uses them on its business train.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee


There is a little of everything at LTEX near Youngstown.

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2 Responses to “Unusual Shipment to LTEX”

  1. Jim Szabo Says:

    cool story…. we catch LTEX units up in Glenwillow, Ohio for Cleveland Commercial… who just got in a vintage SantaFe

  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thank you for this. I just watercolored the old 6308 where it sits in at a rail facility in Rusk, Texas. I’m getting ready to display it in a gallery show Nov. 11 and was researching this loco on the Internet and found your article. What a fun read!

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