Sure Sign of Spring at Whiskey Island

With the ice thinning on the Cuyahoga River during the past week’s meltdown, the ore freights are running again between Whiskey Island and the steel mills up river.

Akron Railroad Club member Roger Durfee usually has his camera with him as he goes about working as a Norfolk Southern conductor based out of Motor Yard in Macedonia. This past week, Roger spotted a sign of spring and stepped out to record it.

No, it wasn’t a robin, or the crocuses pushing through the earth, but lake freights docking in Cleveland.

Roger and his engineer were spinning their train at the breakwater (Whiskey Island). The river ice has thinned out and the ore shuttles are running again between Whiskey Island and the mill up river.

The tug/barge duo Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder were loading for an afternoon trip to the mill.

Hang in there Northeast Ohio. Spring is coming. To read the captions of the photos below, hover your cursor over the photograph.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

The "Dorothy Ann" is docked at Whiskey Island where the photographer and his engineer were turning their train.

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