Riding as a Passenger — For Now

Sam Sponseller gave me a heads up on a unique movement with CSX train 382. CSX units 5453 and 7723 were eastbound passing Lagrange at about 4:30 p.m.

In the consist were two GE Class 70 locomotives being transported on flat cars. These “Freightliner” units numbered 70019 and 70020 are en route to the United Kingdom.

Sam told me about some scanner chatter in which the train crew members were joking with another train about their “unique” freight move and how they will be “all over the Internet” today.

I am sure they will.

Article and Photographs by Dan Davidson


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3 Responses to “Riding as a Passenger — For Now”

  1. GG Says:

    You might be interested to read about the fate of an earlier locomotive in this batch which was dropped back into the hold of the freighter carrying to the UK as the crew attempted to unload it – If fell from about 30 feet and bent the main frame – after a while on the dockside looking very sorry for itself it was shipped back across the Atlantic without ever working!

  2. Chris Dearson Says:

    Nice shots guys 🙂
    Will hopefully see these 70s on my next trip to UK.
    Also hope neither of these 2 get dropped again like 70012 when unloading!!
    Chris (expat Pom in Perth Western Australia)

    PS: enjoy the snow shots you are all taking.
    Got some in UK Dec 2010 but here in Perth we never see it. 40C tomorrow and due 42C by Thursday:)

  3. andy parr Says:

    In the UK these locos are refered to as Fuglys

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