CVSR News Items

A CVSR excursion train passes hikers on the Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on Sept. 17, 2011, near Deep Lock Quarry south of Peninsula. (Photograph by Craig Sanders)

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad will receive $3.2 million in  Federal Transit Administration funds to pay for five projects in 2012. The projects include the following:

  • $1.4 million to construct a bridge across the Cuyahoga River linking Rockside Station with the Lock 39 trailhead. This will improve access between the Towpath Trail and CVSR.
  • $575,000 to replace a 58-year-old power generation car.
  • $994,000 to rebuild locomotive No. 365 into a hybrid engine that will reduce exhaust transmissions by 90 percent and fuel consumption by 60 percent or more.
  • $145,000 to rebuild an older ADA car.
  • $137,000 to rebuild a baggage car serving the Bike Aboard! program.

In other CVSR news, Denny Varian, formerly of the Ohio Central, has  been hired as CVSR director of operations. While at the OC, Varian oversaw many excursions with its steam program.

Varian is familiar with and understands railfans and might be more amenable to better organized special railfan-oriented events.   

Some information for this report was provided by Peter Bowler.


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