More EL Now and Then at Leavittsburg

This was August 1976 and the Cleveland to Youngstown commuter train is passing the tower at Leavittsburg, Ohio. This was where the Cleveland line of the EL joined the mainline from Chicago.

This is February 2012. Not only are the commuter trains a distant memory, but most of the former EL tracks here are gone along with the tower. The sole track still in place hasn't been used for a long time.

In the process of doing some scanning recently, I dug out another Leavittsburg slide. Shown above is train No. 28 in August 1976.

Erie Lackawanna No. 825 is running eastbound, but the sun was right above the tower, so I actually went for an “artsy” effect in the slide due to having to point directly into my light source.

I’ve tried to bring out the detail of the interlocking by tinkering with the image in Photoshop, but its not the best and I can’t go back and shoot it again.

I guessed pretty close, though, when I took the “now” shot earlier in February when I was there on a railroad archeology trip. The new Route 5 bridge over the tracks in today’s photo is close to the one in the old photo.

Anyway, what a change and how sad it is.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee

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