Chasing Down the PRR Heritage Unit

Rounding the curve at CP 281 (Milbury, Ohio).

I had a very impromptu chase on Sunday of Norfolk Southern No. 8102, the Pennsylvania Railroad heritage unit, on its first revenue run.

It was looking like an all night run for it on a coal train between Conway Yard near Pittsburgh and Toledo. But some delays had the coal train departing Cleveland around 8 a.m.

I caught wind of that and took off to intercept it. Due to the cloudy weather I elected to just go to Toledo and make sure I got ahead of it.

After about an hour wait due to several other westbound trains ahead, the 8102 showed up. Luck was with us as they were going to yard the train in Toledo, so a slow trip down the controlled siding allowed for some side by side shots with other trains.

The clouds had hung on all morning, but just as the train got the OK to proceed west the sun starting breaking through a bit. A backup move is required to yard these trains on the old Stanley Secondary.

When they pulled west we headed for the Miami Street bridge and were rewarded with some sun on this shiny new unit.

Once the train was parked, I headed back to the CP 285 area to photograph other trains until the sun moved around a little more on the nose. It was a tight angle where it was parked, which by the way is on former Chesapeake & Ohio track. But I tried a few different views anyway.

To enlarge the photographs, click on the image.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee

Passing under the ex-New York Central style signal bridge at CP 281.

A "cornfield meet" with another NS train near CP 285.

Two trains stopped at CP 285 for the TT to cross.

The sun finally came out! NS 8102 passing under the Miami Street bridge in Toledo.

The view from the other side of the bridge as the 8102 enters the Maumee bridge.

The next three views are of the parked train on what was once C&O track in Toledo.

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One Response to “Chasing Down the PRR Heritage Unit”

  1. Haya Eason Says:

    Beautiful railroad photography and I loved that you explained in detail how you took them. My brother Todd was a Railfan. I was told of this term after he died August 1, 2013. We’re originally from Detroit and he LOVED to go to Ohio to watch, hear and count the trains there. We’re now in Pittsburgh and he LOVED to visit the rail yard in Conway when visiting. Never understood his love for these huge yet beautiful machines but now I am beginning to get an inckling of what it was like for him. Thank you.

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