First Rays of Sunlight

Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited was early in arriving into Cleveland on Sunday, June 3. I was returning from a brief, but enjoyable, trip out to downtstate Illinois to visit my dad and stepmother. It is an annual trek that I take right after Memorial Day.

I stowed my belonging in the trunk of my car — it is always a good sight to see my car still in the Amtrak parking lot — and then got out my camera to see what I could capture.

It was still quite dark, but the first rays of sunlight of the new day were just coming over the horizon. I set the ISO and white balance to automatic and experimented a bit with making the images lighter than what the camera wanted to do on its own.

In this image, you can see the Key Bank tower and the tower of the former Cleveland Union Terminal. Alas, a parking garage is another dominant feature. The wires are from the RTA Waterfront Line, which was not operating at this early hour.

The Lake Shore had its typical consist of two P42 locomotives up front, two baggage cars (one of which was on the end of the train), three Viewliner sleepers, six Amfleet II coaches, a Horizon food service car that served as the lounge, and Viewliner diner Indianapolis. It was the first time I’d seen Amtrak’s sole Viewliner diner.

In the image of the “Indy” below, you can see the interior of the diner through the windows. Although there was stirring in the kitchen area, breakfast would not be served until 6:30 a.m.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders


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