Longest Day in Fostoria

A westbound CSX container train rolls through Fostoria in a view capture from an overpass on the west edge of town. The train will probably work at the intermodal facility west of North Baltimore.

Seven Akron Railroad Club members make the trek to Fostoria on Sunday for the club’s 2012 longest day outing. Club president Craig Sanders was the first to arrive at 9 a.m. Also enjoying the outing were Paul Woodring, Rick Houk, Marty Surdyk, Todd Vander Sluis, Eli Akerib and Bill Kubas.

All seven stuck it out until calling it a day just after 7:30 p.m. Although the train total for the day is still being calculated, we estimated we saw or heard on the radio about 50 trains. There were few lulls and they did not last long.

Foreign power was sparse, limited to two CSX trains with BNSF power and the eastbound salad bowl train with perishable produce that interchanges between Union Pacific and CSX in Chicago and carries UP power.

Perhaps the sighting of the day was a former Santa Fe caboose on the rear of Q383, an eastbound manifest freight that came through at 10:15 a.m. The caboose, now owned by a Massachusetts group, still wore its Santa Fe colors and markings.

Otherwise, the day had the usual array of freight trains that can been seen in the Iron Triangle, including manifest freights, intermodals, auto racks, and coal and grain trains on CSX and Norfolk Southern.

All seven members present enjoyed dinner at the Bob Evans restaurant in Fostoria. Having been out in the heat most of the day, we kept the server busy bringing the water pitcher over to our table for refills.

Photographs by Craig Sanders

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