Smart Phone App Helped in 765 Chases

The southbound (railroad east) NS employee appreciation trip behind Nickel Plate Road No. 765 is about to duck beneath the U.S. 30 overpass north of Bucyrus on Saturday, July 21, 2012.

In chasing the Norfolk Southern employee appreciation trips, we had a new tool in the railfan arsenal: a smart phone with the 765 app.

This is very useful—at least when it’s working. It gives accurate GPS maps as to where the train is and even its speed.

Unfortunately, the GPS wasn’t keeping up the entire day so had to use old school methods of tracking the train.

We chased all three trips. The middle trip was in high noon sun so those pictures weren’t very good. However, the morning and afternoon trips were stellar.

Every self-respecting foamer within 500 miles was chasing these trips or so it seemed. We talked to one guy who lives in Oklahoma and was going to New York to visit family and another from St. Louis.

Bellevue,  Attica Junction and Bucyrus were all foamer fests but good photos could still be had if you worked it.

Of course, I got the obligatory grain elevator shot for Marty and had some fun including other foamers in my photos.

BNSFBEN from Michigan read one license plate. It was a pretty fun day of chasing and a lot of Akron Railroad Club members were out as well.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

This one is for you Marty Surdyk. The 765 and the grain elevator on the north side of Bucyrus.

The 765 Smart Phone app was handy tool–when it worked.

Railfans from near and far lined the NS Sandusky District to photograph the NKP 765. It was a rare crossing that didn’t have at least one fan with a camera to record the train as it rolled past.

A southbound trip finds the 765 putting out a plume of smoke as it passes Honey Creek Park on the far south edge of Attica.

Passing over Honey Creek and headed for Bucyrus.

The last trip of the day approaches the reservoir at Attica.

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