A 1293 Sunday in the Valley

Central Ohio Railroad steam locomotive No. 1293 rumbles in reverse past the northernmost Hickory Street grade crossing in Akron on Sunday during the first passenger run of the day.

Steam locomotive No. 1293 spent another day basking in brilliant late summer sunlight and hauling passengers while strutting its stuff for fascinated onlookers on Sunday on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

The 4-6-2 Pacific-type locomotive, lettered for Central Ohio Railroad but originally built for the Canadian Pacific hauled two roundtrip passenger excursions between Akron and Indigo Lake. Each train did a photo runby at Indigo Lake. Passengers enjoyed a two-hour excursion.

The 1293 will be idle the weekend of Sept. 22-23, but will return to action the following weekend (Sept. 29-30).

Photographs by Craig Sanders

Running alongside the towpath trail just north of Bath Road on the first northbound excursion.

Passing by Botzum station during the first southbound passenger excursion.

The 1293 is almost back to Akron Northside Station as it passes over the Ohio & Erie Canal just west of the depot.

FPA4 No. 800 wearing Baltimore & Ohio markings leads the second excursion train of the day over Bath Road.

The 1293 passes milepost 43, which is measured from Mineral City, Ohio, as it chugs into Akron on the point of the second excursion train of the day.

It’s hard to know who had more fun, those who watched the 1293 pass by or the crew operating the locomotive and smiling and waving at the trackside admirers. The train is shown here just beyond milepost 43 in Akron.

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