IT Heritage Unit Relaxes in Ashtabula

Norfolk Southern No. 1072, the Illinois Terminal heritage locomotive, has made its way back to Northeast Ohio. It was a trailing unit on a train that passed through Cleveland around 5:30 p.m. on Friday evening on the former Nickel Plate Road en route to Ashtabula.

Saturday found the 1072 still sitting in Ashtabula. It wasn’t in a great location for photography, but it was visible. Here are a pair of photos of it on Saturday afternoon.

Photographs by Craig Sanders

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One Response to “IT Heritage Unit Relaxes in Ashtabula”

  1. Tim Says:

    This locomotive is parked in what old Harbor Yard railroaders would call the “Bridge Yard.” The yard was between the Rt. 531 bridge over the yard and the Lift Bridge at the yard’s southern end. That lift bridge carried ore trains south to Youngstown and other points — and coal north to the coal docks along the Ashtabula River near its mouth. A very, very busy place at one time.

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