Colorful Day on the CVSR

The Cuyahoga Valley Railroad Scenic train departs Brecksville during the middle of its three Rockside-(Akron) Northside roundtrips last week on a brilliant fall day.

Recently, I made an afternoon trip down to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in search of fall foliage. The color was a bit more spotty than I would have liked, but I made the best of it. Here are some select views from my chase of a northbound train and its return trip.

The motive power was the No. 4241 (facing south), a C424, and No. 1822, an RS18.

Photographs by Craig Sanders

The chase begins as the northbound scenic pauses at Botzum to put aboard some bicyles and their bikes.

Just north of Bath Road along the towpath trail where it runs right next to the tracks.

North of Everett at milepost 50.

Passing the only tree at Boston Mill that had any substantial color.

Passengers in the dome section of the “Emerson” enjoy the autumn splendor.

The return trip has just departed Peninsula and is running parallel to Riverview Road.

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