The Class Ended Just in Time

I had a rules class scheduled at Rockport this past Monday before I found out that the Norfolk Southern business train was going to pass through Cleveland.

Rules classes can go on all afternoon, so I had little hope of catching this move. As luck would have it, the class ended early so I checked on the progress of the OCS and saw that I had enough time to get Bridge 1 in downtown Cleveland. The first two photos above are from that location.

I knew there would be a crew change so I headed west in hopes of catching the OCS in another location. I went with Eastland Road for my second location to catch it passing under the old New York Central MP 192 signal bridge.

Billboards have sprung up like so many mushrooms after a rain in the Brookpark area, including one right behind the signal bridge.

I rarely alter my photos much other than the usual “tweaks,” but I felt compelled to eliminate the obnoxious lettering and make the photo a grayscale image to tone down that corner of the billboard. With two locations in the bag I headed home.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee


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