‘Century’ and ‘Broadway’ Still Live





I caught the westbound Pennsylvanian on Saturday after riding behind the Nickel Plate Road No. 765. Trailing was New York Central’s Hickory Creek.

That was quite a nice surprise.

Earlier I had seen the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Mountain View on display at the Altoona railroad museum. What are the odds of catching two signature cars of the famous Broadway Limited and Twentieth Century Limited on the same afternoon?

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

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2 Responses to “‘Century’ and ‘Broadway’ Still Live”

  1. Paul Woodring Says:

    In the mid-70’s, “Hickory Creek” belonged to Ringling Bros., and was the manager’s private car on one of the circus trains. Somewhere I have a photo of it parked under the old North Hill viaduct (where the entrance to the current CVSR Akron Northside station is) in downtown Akron where most of the circus train was kept when the circus played the old Richfield Coliseum. At that time the car still carried it’s “20th Century Limited” tail sign, however not in very good condition. Good to see it has had a better fate than the way it looked almost 40 years ago would have indicated it was headed for.

  2. Scott Clauss Says:

    Paul – I would like to see that photo of the car with the tail sign that you refer to.

    Todd – good shots. We were delayed slightly (2hrs) due to an issue in PHL. Luckily the ride back was uneventful.

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