Double Shot of Heritage Units



Late last week a couple of Norfolk Southern heritage units – The Penn Central and the Monongahela – were each leading different trains carrying symbol 64R and heading for Ohio. Due to factors beyond the railroad’s control both of these trains were parked for extended periods of time.

The PC train tied down in Elyria yard (west of Cleveland) and the MGA train was tied down at my yard, Motor yard in Macedonia, Ohio (east side of Cleveland).

Both trains were still sitting on Tuesday morning, but the PC train had been called and was doubling its train up for the trip to Conway and beyond.

With the MGA still sitting at the east end of my yard and the PC finally on the move east, the photo I envisioned shouldn’t be hard to figure out. I wanted the PC passing the MGA, a somewhat rare chance to catch two H units side by side.

I almost got blocked by a westbound train running on Track No. 1 (the track closest to the MGA track, but it cleared with only seconds to spare.

I can’t say the same for the clouds, but truth be told that didn’t bother me too much since it would have been noon in June sun anyway.

Here are the two “Conrail Family” Heritage units passing, one with the white train and one with the black train.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee

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