Recreating a 1976 Moment


Here is a photographs my meeting with my sons David and Dennis in Roanoke, Va., recently for a recreation from 1976 with engine No. 1776. In 1976, Norfolk & Western Railway painted an engine for the nation’s bicentennial. The unit came to Akron so I took the boys over to see it and we took some pictures.

As it turned out, the boys had a picture of myself and the engine enlarged and framed. They gave it to me for my birthday.

I’ve had that picture hanging in my train room for years and said for the past five years that I would like to recreate another picture with the same locomotive as it is in the museum in Roanoke.

It was another of the miracles of this year that we were all available and able to get together as we all lived over 400 miles away and had the weekend off.    We met at the Hilton on a Friday as it was just across the street from the museum and it would be fun to just sit on the deck overlooking the city and talk and drink. Or is it drink and talk?

On Saturday morning, I dressed about the same as I did in 1976 and we went to the museum to recreate the picture.

It was 90 degrees but the humidity felt like 95 and my shirt and jeans were really too hot and I was totally awash for the day.

We had a great time and took a day trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains, following the railroad and stopping to have a picnic at an old abandoned station.

The pictures that accompany this post are from Dave’s girl friend, Julie, who graciously went along with us.

Article by Bob Rohal

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