Other Surprises Made up for Our Disappointment


I went to the Illinois Railroad Museum on Saturday.  My prime target was Union Pacific Centennial No. 6936, which we heard would be running.

It was on loan from UP. The IRM also has a Centennial but it does not run.

 Well No. 6936 had brake issues so it was just on display but not running. That was disappointing there were other surprises that more than made up for it.

 A mix of trains were operating, including the Nebraska Zephyr, a favorite of mine.  Also, some CA&E interurban cars that used to be at Cleveland’s Trolleyville were out on the line.

Little Joe 803 was running – I was under the impression that it does not run – so that was also quite a surprise.

 Best yet was the Leviathan, a 4-4-0 steamer that recently was built by Cooke Locomotive Company. 

They also built The York, which is running in Pennsylvania. Cooke is currently building a replica of the Lincoln Funeral train.

 The weather was overcast in the afternoon, but not raining, and the sun did come for out for a little while.

After many photos in the museum we went to a private crossing for some mainline action.  These made for some good time machine type photos. 

 For those who haven’t visited or don’t know, the IRM has about 5 miles of former inturuban right of way that is electrified. The museum can run electric, diesel and steam so there is something for everybody.

 Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon







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