NS Donates Caboose to Conrail History Group

Norfolk Southern has donated former Conrail transfer caboose No. 18452 to the Conrail Historical Society. The class N11 was built for the Penn Central and has long been stored in Bellevue, Ohio.

Society members plan to work on the 18452 as time and money permit.
The Conrail group also owns Conrail No. 21165, ex-Erie Lackawanna No. 368. This past September, that caboose was conveyed to a contractor for stripping, minor repairs, and painting.

That project is expected to take about 45 days to complete. Funds for the painting have been raised by donations from members and assorted fundraisers.

The society also is restoring Conrail No. 67157, a former Pennsylvania Railroad G36L class gondola. Volunteers are removing the floor and broken side panels and preparing the car for new parts and flooring.

The group is soliciting donations to cover the cost of a new oak floor board, “I” beam sections to support the board, and associated hardware and transportation of the materials to the worksite. The organization acquired the car from the North Shore Railroad in Pennsylvania.

In exchange for a donation, the society is offering a receipt for tax deductions and recognition in an upcoming issue of the Conrail Quarterly with a photo of the car’s new floor and a list of donor names.

To make a donation, go to www.conrailshoppe.com. For more information on the project, go to thecrhs.org.

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