2 Heritage Units Sunday in Cleveland


Sunday, Dec. 22 was just a nice day to be out. A rare bit of sunshine and hanging out with some friends made for a good day.

The appearance of two Norfolk southern heritage units didn’t hurt either, the Pennsylvania Railroad unit on a coke train and the Wabash on No. 316.

A local (BR92?) got the call to take the PRR powered coke train down the hill to Campbell Road Yard.

Once that task was complete, the power was split and the PRR unit headed back up the hill solo to grab stone empties at Shelly Materials in Linndale.

In a bit of perfect timing, the 316 had pulled up and stopped in preparation to set off a long cut of cars at Rockport just as the PRR unit was pulling up to Linndale yard.

The result was the PRR meets the Wabash just west of CP 490 on the Cloggsville Line in Linndale (Cleveland).

Earlier in the day at Campbell Road Yard, the PRR unit is shown pulling up to the yard office then parked with the steel mill in the background.

In the fading light of the day the PRR unit sits tied on to empties at Linndale. Note their ex Lehigh Valley U23B off to the right and the Keybank building in downtown Cleveland on the left.

I had stopped earlier to bag the BX01 departing Campbell Road Yard. The first view is waiting for permission up the hill.

The second view if of the second one departing. The diamonds under No. 3401 are the crossing of the ex-Baltimore & Ohio’s CT&V Sub.

The diamond just ahead of the train is the former B&O CL&W Sub. Both lines are now owned by CSX.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee






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