Chasing the AVR in Pittsburgh

Last Sunday we went to view the Pittsburgh Model Railroad club. As we were leaving we heard an Allegheny Valley Railroad train going by, their track being just down the street.

It was moving slowly, about 10 mph, so we gave chase.  Our first stop was an overpass with a wide open view.

Next was an open area at Glenshaw, Pa.  It wasn’t a great location but it was open. The tracks that the AVR uses is the Baltimore & Ohio original line between Pittsburgh and New Castle, Pa.,

There are several tunnels along this route. I know where the Elwood City tunnel is and another is located in Pittsburgh proper. But the others I’m not so certain of their location.

Anyway, the train was coming and I took some roll by pictures.  As I turned to get the going away shot I discovered where one of those tunnels was located (did I feel dumb).

We continued to chase the train into Pittsburgh, finishing with some views of the Alleghany River bridge approach.  I found out later that this was train AVR1 which interchanges with the B&P railroad near Evans City, Pa.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon





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