NKP 765 to Appear at Owosso Train Festival

Nickel Plate Road No. 765 will be one of the headliners at Train Expo 2014 in Owosso, Mich., in June.

The four day festival (June 20-24) also will feature Gramling Locomotive Works’ 0-4-0Ts, Flagg Coal No. 26, and Lehigh Valley Coal No. 126.

Of course the Pere Marquette 1225 will be hand as well given that the festival is being sponsored by the owner of the 2-8-8 Berkshire, the Steam Railroading Institute, which operates.

Festival organizers also noted that vintage vintage aircraft, and automobiles will be on display.

day excursion each day to Alma. It will head the 8 a.m. departure on Friday and Sunday and the 2 p.m. departure on Saturday. The 1225 also will similar half-day excursions from the expo.

According to SRI Director of Operations Kevin Mayer, each trip will last about four hours and will include photo runbys.

Little River Railroad 0-4-0T No. 1 and 4-6-2 No. 110 will pull one-hour trains rides.
During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to operate the tank engines.

The Vintage aircraft expected to be on display include World II era include B-17 and B-25 bombers, a C-47/DC-3 transport, and a P-51 Mustang fighter.

NKP 765 was a star attraction at the 2009 railroad festival held in Owosso. The Berkshires are slated to part of night photo sessions coordinated by Lerro Productions.

For more information on Train Expo and to order tickets, go to www.michigansteamtrain.com. For more information on the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society and No. 765, go to fortwaynerailroad.org.

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