Ohio Central Receives Safety Award

The Ohio Central Railroad has been recognized as one of the winners of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association 2013 Safety Awards.

The OC, which is owned by Genesee & Wyoming, Inc., receives a President’s Award for most hours of injury-free operation in the category of 50,000 to 150,000 man hours worked.

“2013 was a successful year from a safety standpoint for ASLRRA member railroads,” ASLRRA said in a news release.

Two-hundred ninety-five railroad members earned Jake Awards with Distinction for reaching the ultimate goal of achieving a 0.00 FSI* (Frequency/Severity Index) for the year.

Among those were the Cleveland Commercial Railroad, the Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad, R.J. Railroad Corman Cleveland Line, Columbus & Ohio River Railroad, the Flats Industrial Railroad, the Mahoning Valley Railway Company,  Newburgh and South Shore  Railroad, Ohi-Rail Corp., Ohio Central Railroad, Ohio Southern Railroad, Warren & Trumbull Railroad, Youngstown & Austintown Railroad, the Youngstown Belt Railroad, and the Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad.

Twenty-eight additional railroads received Jake Awards for having an injury rate lower than the industry average of 2.42.

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