A Friend’s Tribute to Dave McKay


Dave McKay and I were friends and he would trek to New Jersey once a year and spend time in the area, staying with me for a few days.

We would railfan, hit different tourist lines together and have good times. I am glad that you and the group ([kron Railroad Club] have a day honoring Dave. He was a good guy.

He visited me for the last time a few months before he passed. I actually took him to Morning Sun Books with his slides for his very first book, which, unfortunately he never got to see. During that visit, one stop we made was a trip to the Valley Railroad in Essex, Conn. I took this shot of Dave in their ex-New Haven heavyweight parlor car Wallingford.

It was one of my favorite shots of him. I want to share the photo with you and I wish your group all the best. I enjoy visiting your website and reading the articles and stories.

Article and Photograph by Jack Norris

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One Response to “A Friend’s Tribute to Dave McKay”

  1. jake Says:

    I share your memory of Dave. I shared a hotel room with him at Youngstown shortly before his passing. I spent several memorable moments trackside with him.

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