Lack of Money Halts Leviathan’s Columbus Plans

Leviathan No. 63 won’t be making a planned stop in Columbus because the organizers of the visit failed to raise enough money to display the replica locomotive at the Ohio Statehouse.

The organizing group also ran out of time to secure the needed permits to move the 4-4-0 locomotive via truck to Columbus.

About $2,000 had been donated to help bring the Leviathan to the Statehouse. Instead, that money will be applied toward bringing the locomotive to Columbus in 2015 as part of the 150th-anniversary re-enactment of Lincoln’s funeral train tour.

The group said it needed $9,000 to display the Leviathan on the Statehouse grounds as well as permits to move the engine via highways.

The visit of the Leviathan was to be sponsored by the 2015 Lincoln Funeral Train project, a nonprofit group planning an event that spans seven states and uses no government funding.

The group is also working on building a replica of the funeral car that carried the Lincoln’s body by rail back to his hometown of Springfield, Ill.

Lincoln’s body lay in state in the Ohio Statehouse rotunda on April 29, 1865, before the train continued its journey.

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board is planning an observance of the anniversary of Lincoln’s death and the display of his body at the Statehouse for next year.

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