Rolling Stock Rusting Away in the Weeds


I was travelling on Ohio Route 93 on Wednesday between Roseville and South Zanesville and crossed an abandoned rail line. The Buckeye cross bucks were still in place.

I just happened to look to the right (east) and saw a row of coaches parked down the tracks.  So I turned around and parked at the adjacent Carter Lumber and walked through their grounds to the tracks.

The coaches were the old paint scheme of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic.  I was able to photograph the first coach over the Carter Lumber fence.

In addition, on the Carter spur track inside the locked gate was a small locomotive , No. 8599 that read “Scenic Railroad,” and a Norfolk & Western and Chesapeake & Ohio caboose.

Upon investigation into my photo archives, I discovered that I had photographed this locomotive and similar coaches on the Buckeye Scenic Railroad in Byesville in August 2004.

I looked at the location of my Wednesday discovery on Google Earth, which has a May 2012 image date, and the coaches are there, but the locomotive and cabooses are on the west side of Route 93, just south of Crock Road.

This abandoned track curves north into the active Ohio Central track about three-quarters of a mile east of this crossing.

Article and Photographs by Tom Fritsch




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