Chasing a bit of the Green on Norfolk Southern


Last Saturday saw me heading to Berea to catch the Southern heritage unit that was leading Norfolk Southern train 22K.

But A CSX train decided to park and block the view so we relocated to the signal bridge at milepost 192 near Eastland Road.

The Southern unit showed up just after we pulled in.  It would stop to refuel at Rockport, so we headed for the prime shot.

I had always intended for Berea to be a tripwire not the main photo location, which turned out to be near Rockefeller Road in downtown Cleveland.

What is normally a quiet spot had some 20 to 30 railfans waiting for the Southern unit.

We had some time to kill and NS ran the 206 around the 22K and then a 145 went west before the main event.

After more than an hour’s wait the 22K showed up. All of these trains had GE power. Hmmm. I detect a pattern here.

My next stop was Painesville at trestle over the Grand River.  We just beat the 206 but not in time for good photos.

That was OK as the 22K showed up about 15 minutes later. We picked up a passenger, new club member Cindy Luther, and drove to Conneaut.

Arriving just ahead of the Southern we got some photos on the bridge over Conneaut Creek.

We continued the chase to North East Pa., and got the 22K one last time.

Next was a quick visit to the Lake Shore Railway Museum. Across the tracks quite a crowd had gathered there as well.

Little Joe 802 and NS 3563 made some nice photos. The 3563 is a B32-8 that is a recent addition to the museum collection, which focuses on GE products.

On our way back we stopped at the GE plant in Lawrence Park just outside Erie. A new Union Pacific heavy Gevo was sitting on the interchange track.

Designated ES44AC-H, it is a specially weighted engine for unit train service.  We also took photos of a new mural on the wall of the GE plant.

One last CSX train with Canadian Pacific GE’s finished out day.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon









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  1. bigboy4006 Says:

    Good catches!

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