Reeling in Some Good Catches This Week


On Tuesday, the freshly repainted Conrail caboose came through on the 15K.  I saw it pass Hudson but didn’t get it. I ended up chasing it across town, catching it east of downtown Cleveland and again at West 150th St and at CP Max.

While the 15K switched Rockport yard, a 145 came off the NKP with a Citirail engine in the lead.  I wouldn’t have caught this engine without the caboose coming through so it’s funny how railfanning works sometimes.

Wednesday found me at Bellevue where a Wheeling & Lake Erie train heading for Toledo had a freshly painted SD40-2 No. 6384 in the lead.

This is the Wheeling’s contribution to the NMRA Cleveland 2014 National convention.  I caught this train east of town but then it parked in a tight fenced-in location while waiting to cross NS.  After nearly three hours it finally moved, but it was nearly dark by then.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon




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One Response to “Reeling in Some Good Catches This Week”

  1. richardwargo Says:

    Very nice catches, thanks!

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