Productive Train Chase on Saturday


I ended up chasing the 25V with the Southern and Wabash heritage units on Saturday.

But first I went to Kent where I caught an Iowa, Chicago & Eastern engine, the City of Lansing, leading a CSX train.

I’ve been told that all of the IC&E SD40-2s will have been sold to Genesee & Wyoming by the end of this month so that is now a rare catch.

Then it was off to Brady Lake where I caught the 25V.  My next stop was Berea where I got other trains before the 25V showed up.  One of those trains had a Union Pacific/Chicago & North Western patch job in the consist.

After getting the 25V again I had a decision to make. My plan was to wait for the Z4R oil train with the Penn Central heritage unit leading.

However, that train had been sitting in Toledo all afternoon – it was now 4 p.m. – and it didn’t look like it would get moving anytime soon.

I was told the 25V would change crews at Bellevue so that would be a good opportunity to catch it a few more times. So, off to Bellevue I went.

After arriving at Kimball, I discovered that I had missed the Penn Central unit by 15 minutes, such are the breaks.

Well, I waited and waited, and waited some more.  Finally, an ethanol train came after an hour later but no 25V.  I decided to head into Bellevue and at least see some moving trains.

I went back to the Route 4 overpass for some more activity and finally the 25V arrived.

I managed to get it by the old Pennsylvania Railroad tower and again at Route 18 west of town with the sun finally making an appearance.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon








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