June Shutdowns Set for Cleveland RTA Trains

Construction of the second new Innerbelt bridge in downtown Cleveland along with track rehabilitation will result in weekend shutdowns of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Red, Green and Blue rail lines in June.

Buses will replace trains on all three rail lines on June 7 and 8, and again on June 14 and 15 on routes operating east of the Tower City Rapid station.

Blue and Green line trains will continue to operate over the Waterfront Line on those dates.

Red Line service will also be curtailed on weekdays in June through the 22nd.

Between June 9 and 13, and between June 16 and 21, the Red Line will operate only between Tower City and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  A special timetable dated June 7 will provide schedule information for operations during this period.

Red Line trains will operate only between Hopkins Airport and the Cedar-University station between June 22 and 29.

Normal Red Line service over the entire length of the route will resume on June 30.

Blue, Green and Waterfront trains will operate as normal during weekdays in June.

During the weekend shutdowns of the Red, Blue and Green lines east of Tower City workers will remove steel bridge beams that span RTA tracks.


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One Response to “June Shutdowns Set for Cleveland RTA Trains”

  1. r j williams Says:

    This would be a good time for Austin (there track super) to get some track work done… Dr Flounsay cant throw the service card.

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