3 Ann Arbor New Amtrak Station Sites Named

Three sites have been identified to be the location of a new Amtrak station in Ann Arbor, Mich.

URS Corp., an engineering and design firm hired by the city, recently narrowed the list of sites from eight to three, ranked them based on level of access to downtown and community activity centers, such as the University of Michigan Hospital and Central Campus.

The finalist locations include along North Street next to Margo Pond, the existing Amtrak site on Depot Street, and a parking lot on Fuller Road near the UM Hospital. The sites were reviewed for their environmental impacts, accessibility from existing roadways, and sufficient land for station facilities.

Ann Arbor officials want to design a station with the capacity to handle increasing ridership, while allowing dedicated space for buses.

The final design of a new Amtrak station is identified as a $2.6 million expense in the city’s 2015-2016 Capital Improvement Plan. Construction of the station is shown as a separate $44.5 million line item that same year.

Mayor John Hieftje said that he expects 80 percent of the funding to come from the federal government, with other local partners also contributing funds. A final recommendation for a specific site, including a conceptual design, is expected late this year.

Ann Arbor is served by six daily Wolverine Service trains operating between Chicago and Detroit (Pontiac).

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