Full Consists Restored to Capitol Limited

Amtrak restored full consists to the Capitol Limited on schedule last week. The train is now operating with its regular consist of two locomotives, a baggage car, transition sleeper, two sleepers, dining car, Sightseer lounge and three coaches.

The consist was reduced in size several weeks ago in an effort to create a fourth train set that would remain overnight in Chicago.

At the time, the train was being plagued by excessive late arrivals in Chicago that had a cascading effect of leading to late departures due to the time needed to service the train and the crew to obtain its mandated rest.

The fourth trainset enabled No. 30 to depart on time or nearly on time even if No. 29 was extremely late that day in reaching Chicago. However, creating the fourth trainset also meant that Nos. 29.30 were operating with fewer sleepers and coaches, without the Sightseer lounge and without a baggage car.

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