Pleasant Memories of Watching N&W 611


As I was going through some slides, I came across an image that brings back great memories. Former Akron Railroad Club member Jim Bacon, Paul Woodring, and I had gone to Roanoke, Va., for some of N&W 611’s first trips.

We really didn’t know the area, so on the morning of Sept. 4, 1982, when the 611 left Roanoke we followed our maps and found this location a few miles out of Roanoke.

Although this was an uphill run, the 611 and her train accelerated past us and left us awestruck at her power and beauty.

Thankfully she is being restored and should give many others memories as wonderful as this. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Article and Photograph by Bob Farkas

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2 Responses to “Pleasant Memories of Watching N&W 611”

  1. James L.Leasure Says:

    Love it!

  2. Bob Farkas Says:

    Thanks Jim. This has to be in my top ten railfan images and memories.

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