Trip Down Memory Lane in Akron


Remember when . .  .

You and a railfan friend could park your car on the site of the removed East Voris Street crossing guard tower in downtown Akron?

Each new train was a surprise because you didn’t own a scanner and perhaps had no knowledge of scanners as well.

Three B&O “blues” were just another B&O lashup?

A C&O covered hopper wasn’t a fallen flag treasure?

There was a pole line on the east side of the tracks here where a Penn Central line, the B&O mainline, and the Erie Lackawanna mainline passed through this spot?

There was an EL Alco switcher switching EL’s McCoy Street Yard?

There was a McCoy Street Yard?

It is September 1972 and I am taking the photo while Akron Railroad Club member Mike Ondecker is writing down the information.

B&O Nos. 3516, 3713, and 6911 lead an eastbound freight through Akron. At the time I was shooting Agfachrome so I’m sorry but I can’t help the grain.

Article and Photograph by Robert Farkas



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