SORTA Seeking Streetcar Operator Bids

CVG streetcar map

The olive green lines are the Cincinnati streetcar line that is under construction.

The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority is seeking a Request for Proposals for operations and maintenance services of the Cincinnati Streetcar system, which is currently under construction.

Respondents will be expected to take responsibility for staffing, processes, procedures, materials, services and management of the streetcar system. Proposals are due by March 3.

SORTA said it will consider two possible options.

One approach would be for a contractor to be able to step in and operate and maintain the Cincinnati Streetcar system. Such a contractor would use its own employees and managers.

Yet another approach would be for the contractor to provide management services to operate and maintain the Cincinnati Streetcar with SORTA responsible for employing, hiring, paying, and administering benefits for front-line operations and maintenance personnel.

The contractor would manage those employees and directly employ and manage all other personnel needed to operate the system.

The City of Cincinnati and SORTA late last year approved an Operating & Maintenance Agreement whereby SORTA’s responsibilities include streetcar operations, vehicle maintenance, facilities maintenance, fare collection system provision and maintenance, marketing, and advertising sales.

The 3.6-mile streetcar line is expected to begin operations in September 2016.




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