Hey! Be Careful Where You Point That Thing

More than likely a CSX employee has been told where he aims that thing after several residents in Buffalo, N.Y., complained of having their homes damaged by ballast sent flying by a jet blower used to clear snow from the tracks.

The blower sent baseball-sized rocks crashing through windows of homes on Linden and Crescent avenues in North Buffalo.

Some of the residents told WIBV-TV that they thought their homes were being robbed.

CSX said its workers were clearing snow from tracks that are located about 100 feet from Crescent Avenue. The snow blower was on the side of the tracks.

Pat McDonell said he found damage to the side of his home and even his car. There was visible damage to both, including a smashed-in wood frame with broken glass.

“I came out to throw the trash away and I noticed all four windows of the back of my house had been shattered including my wood frame,” McDonell said. “I found out shortly after that it was a railroad snow thrower that was throwing rocks the size of a fist.”

Reports of damage came from residents on both sides of the tracks on Crescent and Linden Avenues. Whinney Finbar lives on Crescent and is hoping that CSX fixes the damage.

“In all the 62 years I’ve lived here they’ve never used a snow blower back there that I know of,” Finbar said. “I’ve never had this problem. If they make it right I’m not upset.”

CSX apologized to homeowners and said anyone with damage caused by the flying rocks can call their claims center at 1-877 TELLCSX or 877-835-5279.

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2 Responses to “Hey! Be Careful Where You Point That Thing”

  1. James L.Leasure Says:

    CSX has always been very nice to me while taking photos along the
    track or in a repair yard.Been on the tracks for 70 yrs.My goal is to
    see more freight hauled by trains and the beginning of high speed
    passenger rail.
    Thank you,
    James L.Leasure

  2. James L.Leasure Says:

    I hope everyone knows that we can not control the weather. If a
    human never makes a mistake, he has never done any thing in
    his life time.CSX will make it right!
    James L.Leasure

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