Restoration Work Progressing on C&O Steamer

The restoration by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad of Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 No. 1309 is reported to be progressing with workers having completed major disassembly of the locomotive and having lifting the cab from the boiler to conduct a detailed inspection and additional engineering work.

The work has also included removal of the superheaters, 241 tubes, and 36 flues from the inside of the boiler.

Workers are currently cleaning all surfaces of the boiler shell in anticipation of ultrasonic testing this spring.

Once those tests are done, new tubes and flues will be installed that will transform the boiler into nearly “as-new” condition. Assembly of the parts of the H6 Class locomotive will begin this spring,

This summer workers will be inspect several hundred staybolts and the firebox while machinists are working on manufacturing running gear parts and rehabilitating valves.

In related news, the WMS 2-8-0, No. 734 is receiving maintenance in the main shop building in preparation for the 2015 operating season.

The locomotive is receiving work on its boiler, rod bearings and valve gear rebuild.

“I am very pleased with the progress so far. We haven’t found anything significant, just ordinary wear and tear,” said General Superintendent Mike Gresham. “The 1309 is in excellent overall condition, and we expect to have it back in action for the 2016 season.”

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