Rohal Photo of B&O Train published in Newspaper

Bob's Picture 1958 aA photo made by Akron Railroad Club member Bob Rohal was published in the Record-Courier last Friday.

The photo was made in 1958 of a Baltimore & Ohio mail train passing through Kent. Rohal made the photograph atop the Main Street Bridge.

The caption mentions that an Erie Railroad passenger train was due about a half hour after the passage of the B&O train.

However, the caption incorrectly states that B&O passenger service in Kent ended year before the Erie Lackawanna discontinued its last passenger trains in January 1970.

The B&O continued to operate four passengers trains a day through Kent until the coming of Amtrak on May 1, 1971.

The caption also mentions that Erie employee Otis Taylor was waiting at the Kent station to put water into the passenger train’s locomotives.

“Little did I know that in three years along with my Journeyman Jimmy Powell I also would also be putting water in the Passenger Diesels after Mr Taylor retired,” Bob wrote in an email message.

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