Brookville Releases Switcher for U.S. Navy

Brookville Equipment Corp said this week that it has shipped what it described as “an all-new highly-customized 88-ton diesel-hydraulic yard switching locomotive”

Brookville switcherThe BL05 engine will be used by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, Wash.

In a news release the Brookville, Pa., based company said that the locomotive “will operate at speeds of up to 10 mph while performing heavy freight car haulage applications.”

The units features a 500-horsepower EPA Tier-3 Cummins engine, four-speed transmission, torque convertor, and planetary final drive, providing up to 40,000 pounds of starting tractive effort.

“The switcher’s unique drive system is similar to diesel equipment that Brookville designs and produces for underground mining applications – but on a much larger scale,” said Brookville Director of Sales Chris Rhoades.

“Diesel-hydraulic drive systems are well suited for low speed applications. Brookville’ss extensive familiarity with manufacturing diesel-hydraulic locomotives and knowledge base in engineering this type of power arrangement provides cost-effective and dependable transportation solutions for customers.”

The BL05 yard switcher features a wide center cab design, comes with standard air brakes for rail applications, car brakes, and includes sliding couplers powered by on-board electric motors for negotiating curves of less than 80 feet while operating on standard rail gauge.

The diesel-hydraulic yard switcher’s truck design includes a heavy steel frame that encases the drive shafts, transfer cases, braking system, and chevron suspension.

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