Georgian and Steeler in Cleveland Browns Land

Georgia 1a

Georgia 2b

Steelers 2c

Everything just fell into place for me to photograph my 20th Norfolk Southern heritage locomotive on Thursday.

I had some time off, the weather was great and NS 8101, the Central of Georgia unit, was in Northeast Ohio.

I’ve had more than a couple of near misses with this rascal and I had even seen it twice, but wasn’t in a position to photograph it.

But on Thursday morning I saw that it was leading a 20Q through western Ohio and I went out to Olmsted Falls after lunch.

This was the first place where I had missed the NS 8101. That was the Sunday before Labor Day in 2012. I missed it by about five or 10 minutes. That didn’t happen this time.

Some of the H units that I’ve photographed were trailing, such as the Pennsylvania Railroad unit behind Nickel Plate Road steamer No. 765. So there is still work to do to get a few H units on the lead.

Shortly after the passage of the 20Q, I stuck around to make some aircraft photos as planes were landing on runways 6R and 6L at nearby Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and coming over the Olmsted Falls depot where I was hanging out.

A US Airways flight from Charlotte arrived with a livery honoring the nemesis of the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The air traffic controller made note of the black and gold livery on this plane after it landed and as he was giving it taxi instructions.

I have recently become aware that American Airlines is painting some planes in heritage liveries to honor the memory of some of the predecessors of US Airways, with which it is in the process of merging.

I don’t know how many of these special liveries that there are, but there are probably guys who seek to photograph all of them just as there are guys who seek to photograph all railroad heritage locomotives.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders


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One Response to “Georgian and Steeler in Cleveland Browns Land”

  1. James Leasure Says:

    Hi Craig, After I left the IX Center. I went to Berea a little rail fanning.A young man 14 yrs.showed up. His mother drives him to
    do some rail fanning. He said the Southern Heritage engine was
    coming from Bellevue. Mom said ,if it wasn’t there by 3:30 that she was leaving. I stayed until 4:00PM and left. As I was sitting at the light on 237 by the airport, It came by in the lead!!!
    Need I say more!
    Jim . .

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