Sharp-Trap Containers on Select Amtrak Trains

Amtrak is now offering complimentary Sharp-Trap® containers aboard select long-distance trains for passengers to safely dispose of small sharp items including, insulin syringes and needles, lancets and razor blades.

The containers are designed to reduce and/or eliminate passengers’ and employees’ risk of cuts or other injuries caused by sharp personal items. Trains offering the containers include the following:

  • Capitol Limited, Trains 29 and 30
  • Cardinal, Trains 50 and 51
  • City of New Orleans, Trains 58 and 59
  • Crescent, Trains 19 and 20
  • Lake Shore Limited, Trains 48/448 and 49/449
  • Silver Meteor, Trains 97 and 98
  • Silver Star, Trains 91 and 92

The Sharp-Trap containers are available upon request from any Amtrak employee on board the train. Employees can also demonstrate how to use the container, if necessary. Sharp-Trap containers are not available at stations.

Amtrak employees cannot dispose of Sharp-Trap containers and for safety reasons passengers must keep their used containers in their possession until exiting the train.

Passengers who see a Sharp-Trap container in any area of the train or station should notify an Amtrak employee.

Amtrak said the availability of Sharp-Trap containers is expected to be added to additional trains.

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