Detroit Streetcars to be Built in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania Company has landed a $32 million contract to build streetcars for the M-1 Rail project in Detroit.

Brookville Equipment will assemble six Liberty Modern Streetcars that will be delivered in late 2016.

The cars will be used on the 3.3-mile line that is currently under construction.

The streetcars will serve 12 stops in each direction along their loop on Woodward Avenue.

In a news release, Brookville said that the new cars are capable of operating off-wire, which they’ll need to do for 60 percent of their journey along the line.

Onboard energy storage systems will provide the power necessary for the vehicles to operate without overhead catenary wire. The onboard energy systems draw power from 750-volt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Brookville officials said the M-1 cars will span 8 feet, 8 inches.

“Brookville has had success building streetcars with similar operating systems and specifications to what we have planned for M-1 Rail, so we know exactly what we’re getting,” said M-1 Rail Chief Operating Officer Paul Childs in a statement.

“M-1 Rail will minimize its impact on the aesthetics of Detroit’s iconic Woodward Avenue, and the Penske Technical Center will not have the labyrinth of wires overhead that typify the maintenance and repair sites of other systems.”
Brookville built two similar streetcars for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system.

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