Longest Day Outing in Fostoria is Next Sunday

This year’s Akron Railroad Club longest day outing on Sunday, June 21 will take us to the new railfan park in Fostoria.

The self-described iron triangle of Ohio sees around 100 trains every 24 hours, most of them on the two mainlines of CSX that intersect there.

But Norfolk Southern also sends through a fair number of trains on its Fostoria District, which intersections both CSX lines.

The railfan park is new addition, having opened in 2014 after being in the works for a few years. The park is located at 499 S. Poplar Street and features a pavilion and restrooms.

It is open 24/7 and has designated parking space for RVs and motor homes. However, there are no electrical of sanitation hookups for either.

However, electrical outlets are available on the viewing platforms for re-charging radios and laptop computers. The park is surrounded by rail lines.

The busiest route is the former Baltimore & Ohio mainline that cuts an east-west path through the city. How owned by CSX, this is the former Chicago-Pittsburgh mainline of the B&O.

The other CSX route is the north-south former Chesapeake & Ohio route.

The NS route is a former Nickel Plate Road mainline between Chicago and Buffalo, New York.

It crosses the ex-C&O north of the railfan park and crosses the ex-B&O west of it. All of the crossing are at grade.

Some CSX trains take connecting tracks between the ex-C&O and ex-B&O routes.

Until March 31, the three sets of diamonds in Fostoria were controlled by operators in F Tower.

But control of rail traffic in Fostoria has since been shifted CSX IP Dispatcher in Indianapolis, who also controls the ex-B&O line.

IP dispatchers also control CSX traffic at the intermodal center in North Baltimore and the tracks leading in and out of Willard.

Radio frequencies in Fostoria are as follows: CSX road channel, 160.230; CSX Willard Sub dispatcher, 161.520; CSX Columbus Sub dispatcher, 160.320; CSX Pemberville Sub dispatcher, 160.635; CSX yard channel, 161.160; NS Fostoria District road and dispatcher, 161.250; NS yard channel, 160.590; NS mixing center channel, 161.490.

Talking defect detectors are located on NS at milepost 275.4 (Ilers) and 285.5 (Arcadia). CSX has a defect detector at milepost 31.1 (Bascom).

CSX traffic will be a mixture of intermodal, auto racks, manifest freight, coal, crude oil and ethanol.

Photo opportunities are good to great. The park is located next to the NS tracks by the diamonds with the former C&O.

The park designers took advantage of the best lighting for photos to locate the park’s pavilion.

There are also some interesting photo sites in the region around Fostoria.

If you journey north of town along the ex-C&O may find old style signal bridges that will soon be replaced by modern signals.

In mid to late afternoon, a northbound train on the former C&O looks good passing  under the signal bridge and the grain elevator at Rising Sun, the first town north of Fostoria, just off U.S. 23.

A south bound on the ex-C&O about the same time can be done with the elevator at Alvada just  off U.S. 23 south of town.

The longest day begins when the first person arrives and ends when the last person leaves.

Those still there in the evening will likely gather for dinner before heading home.

For more information the Fostoria railfan park, visit http://fostoriairontriangle.com/

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