Cuyahoga Falls Seeks to Make CSX Crossing Safer

Cuyahoga Falls is working to improve safety at a CSX grade crossing that has been the site of 21 accidents since 1980 in which a car turned into front of a train.

The crossing is located on Broad Boulevard near Ohio Route 8 and two people have been killed in separate accidents at the crossing.

“It looks like a pavement, so people come up here, it’s dark and their GPS tells them to make a turn,” said Bob Comer of Bob Comer Forensic & Electronic Research, Inc.

Comer, who has investigated railroad crossing accidents for the past three decades, said these accidents should not be happening.

The crossing sees about 15,000 motor vehicles and 32 trains daily.

The Ohio Department of Transportation expects to complete by fall a federally-funded project to change the warning devices at the intersection.

In the meantime, Cuyahoga Falls has painted new lines to help motorist grasp the visual differences among the roadway, the railroad tracks and the entrance to Route 8.

“They could put the sign right here, big time right here,” said Comer. “Even if there is no train, they could have yellow lights and a sign saying danger do not turn on these tracks.

“Look at the huge amount of traffic that goes through, large amount of trains going very fast,” said Comer. “Then you have land very close to the railroad tracks, it’s like you’re setting people up to be killed and injured.”

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